An In-depth Look at Slim Framework 3.0


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Great talk, looking forward to version 3.0

Anonymous at 13:42 on 22 May 2015

this is nice framework, i like it.
very easy for configuration and implementation.

Anonymous at 09:38 on 26 May 2015

Thanks Josh, enjoyed the talk and looking forward to version 3.0. I hope there are more tutorials and documentation than I could find for version 2.x ;) Thanks for your hard work!

I've been looking forward to this talk and it didn't disappoint. Thanks Josh! It was very useful to see a breakdown of what's coming and going in v3 along with practical examples of how to take advantage of the new features. Slim is really looking pretty impressive.

Anonymous at 03:51 on 16 Jun 2015

Slim is going in right Direction. Keep Rocking <3 it