Data Structures in PHP


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I was running a bit late this evening and unfortunately missed the contextual beginning of this talk, so I'm grateful that it was recorded and I'll be able to tie all of the pieces together. I did manage to catch the entire last hour, and was greeted with a whirlwind tour of the data structures available both via the PHP SPL and via Ardent, a collections library for PHP I had not heard of until seeing this talk.

I thought Matthew did a phenomenal job of providing enough information to demonstrate a use case and example for most of the data structures balanced with keeping things shallow enough that he was able to get through them all. He discussed many data structures I'd previously encountered in my college classes but haven't yet worked with in PHP, and now I'll have further motivation to dig into them individually and learn when and how to use each and incorporate them into future code I write.

Thanks so much for taking the time to put this presentation together. I'm looking forward to referencing it again in the coming weeks.