Secure Password Hashing: It’s Not Just For Experts Anymore


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Wonderful talk on password hashing, security, and tools to work better with this. I've just taken over a code base that is using MD5 as their hashing mechanism, so the tools Jeremy outlined and has created will be invaluable during this upgrade.

Everything was easy to read and understand, great talk all around.

Great talk, I really need to give Jeremy's library a try.

I appreciated the discussion about password hashing and Jeremy's introduction to his libraries that build on the PHP password hashing functions. I much better understand password_hash() after listening to Jeremy's talk and playing with password_hash in

wow...thanks for all the info, now to go back and upgrade a bunch of legacy code using your password validator package.

Brilliant talk, refreshing to hear others extolling the benefits of the PHP5.5 password hashing API as well as the password_compat library. Helped to clear up that my own scripts are following what really is best practice.