Continuous Deployment, TDD and Continuous Integration is nothing new anymore and many of you are already veterans deploying multiple times each day code into production. But you’re still suffering from cutting corners and doing something quick on production when time is pressing, violating the processes you all worked hard on to get approved.

In this talk we take this very concept to the next level and show you how we used unconventional ways to deploy faster with less issues and regained control over a 10+ year old legacy application.


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Rated 5

Omni Adams at 21:23 on 17 Aug 2017

Solid information. I hadn't heard of the Strangler pattern before. Seems like it'd be quite interesting when considering refactoring ancient codebases.

Not sure if you're aware of a verbal tick you have. You frequently pause and say "yeah" at the end of a slide.

Rated 5

Eric Poe at 21:27 on 17 Aug 2017

Lot's of really good information and strategy. I had to look up the Strangler Pattern when you mentioned it. I'm glad that you to into more detail about it!