Are you usable?


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Anonymous at 09:30 on 12 Aug 2012

This talk could have used a LOT more examples. I think Heather was worried about duplicating material from other talks, but not everyone went to other talks, and she is so knowledgeable about what she does, that she has a hard time summarizing. The talk was 15 minutes, which is WAY too short. I would have LOVED to see a lot more real-world examples, of failures and successes in this area, and tips on how to actually become more usable (again, more than just trivial examples of the good and the bad).

Anonymous at 09:52 on 12 Aug 2012

Would have helped to mention the talk was 20 minutes long

Anonymous at 09:55 on 12 Aug 2012

It was great in terms of what was covered; but I believe there could have been a bit more offerred here.

talk was too short. Heather is obviously knowledgeable and personable but I think she rushed maybe because she was unsure of her audience. Better luck next time!

Anonymous at 07:15 on 13 Aug 2012

Good presentation but the talk was just too darn short. I thought we were simply passing the introduction when, woops, the talk was over!

The speaker had a lot on her plate this day but it was a good topic and I wanted to see more!

Anonymous at 11:35 on 13 Aug 2012

If the talk was scheduled for an hour, the speaker should have enough material for the allotted time. I paid to come to the conference to learn beyond what I can learn from google search. Just my 2ยข.