Build a Site in One Hour with TYPO3


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Anonymous at 09:43 on 12 Aug 2012

I'm glad to learn about TYPO3. I did hope that Tony would start from ground zero and build a simple site, rather than showing us the configuration of a site that was already built.

Anonymous at 10:00 on 12 Aug 2012

After seeing Tony's presentation I will consider using TYPO3 in the future. I would have liked an overview at the beginning so I could understand the process of setting up the site.

I think that the talk was good - the amount of time limited how much detail could be described. But the overview was good, pointers to detailed tutorial were provided.

It looks like a very powerful system, I'll put it on my list of things to try.

As someone else alluded to, the title of this talk may have been a bit misleading, but the talk was good overview of how TYPO3 works using an example site. Went in knowing zero and came out with a good familiarity of what TYPO3 is all about. Although I wasn't convinced that it's something I want to use personally, it was an interesting education.

Tony seems very knowledgeable and the talk was full of good info.
Compared to some of the other talks, this one was a bit dry. Next year, spice it up a bit. Tell us a story or show some pictures or talk about a topic that really get's you worked up. In my post-lunch haze it was a bit hard to focus on TYPO3.
Nonetheless, I learned things. Solid talk.

The talk gave an under the cover view of typeo3. Until this talk I had not heard of this CMS - now I have good understanding of its capabilities. Thanks, Tony. Could use more anecdotal stories to spice it up - but still learned a lot.