Creating an Epic RESTful API and Conquering the World


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The speaker was very nervous through the first half and it was hard to follow him due to shaking voice. The speaker is knowledgeable and seems to have much experience. I appreciate that he touched on security and other related topics.

A very good presentation. Json vs JsonP would have been better explained with examples of the output. But I learned some very useful things and am glad I attended!

Andrew obviously knew his stuff, but the tlk suffered because he tried to present too much information in a sort talk. The talk was also described as a talk on how to build a restful interface but it really didn't go there. The talk started with an example API (creating a URL shortener) but that example was never followed through on.

I would have much rather seen a very broad talk on the steps to building an API with less information on the details of http return codes, etc.

Given all that o'm now glad I know about Andrew and will likely explore his books as I deepen my learning.

Very pleasurable talk. The speaker was very knowledgeable. The title was slightly off, it was more geared towards "things to keep in mind when building a RESTful API" but otherwise, I took away a lot of great information and things I hadn't thought about with my previous apps using REST.

The speaker suffered through a scorching room and was bombarded with questions and still held together pretty well. Kudos from me!

This was a very informative talk and you could tell the speaker was very knowledgeable about RESTful API development.

Anonymous at 12:20 on 12 Aug 2012

Anonymous at 12:27 on 12 Aug 2012

It was a hot topic!

Good overview of RESTful basics.

I enjoyed this great overview for how to create a RESTful API!

Great presentation!

Anonymous at 12:50 on 13 Aug 2012

This topic was obviously a hit. I was not able to sit in the room for it and so missed much of what was clearly and excellent talk and topic.

-Brian Marple

Anonymous at 20:58 on 13 Aug 2012

I rated this four stars (not quite five) because I agree with billperegoy. I expected to have more about how to build a restful interface, but the talk really didn't go there. The talk was still a good talk, but I would have liked to have the steps to creating an API with PHP.

Maybe Andrew would consider doing a Meetup night to talk about the steps he'd take to create an API for the source code of the conference web application that he developed for thise Northeast PHP conference.