Getting Rid of Scheduled Tasks using MySQL Events


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Anonymous at 14:14 on 12 Aug 2012

Nice Talk!

Anonymous at 07:23 on 13 Aug 2012

Speaker did a good job, and the topic was interesting. Very detailed, heavily technical presentation which was a great change of pace for the day. She did an excellent job of making a solid presentation out of one feature and took questions very well.

The only downsides: there were a few parts which came across as simply reading a manual page to us. Also, the actual use cases for this feature were not as well fleshed out for a PHP crowd, I just didn't see any benefit to running MySQL events vs a cron task which is far more flexible.

This was a good talk with some great concepts.

Anonymous at 13:13 on 13 Aug 2012

Sheeri is a breathless and enthusiastic evangelist for MySQL. What a great collection of information about database events.

-Brian Marple

It was great to learn how to use mysql to execute timed tasks so that we don't need cron for db updates!

The speaker was great! Knowledgeable, precise and worked well with the audience, a pure pleasure to attend!

Sheeri is an industry professional. I believe she could sell ice at the North Pole. Bringing event control inside the database saves a lot of work. The jury is still out on this feature and I believe it is not quite ready for mission critical usage. However I'm motivated to do more than kick the tires on this new feature.