Grokking HTTP


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Well presented talk that covers the underlying principles of HTTP.

Ben is going well in depth when it comes to the HTTP protocol. He is not only covering the VERBS but also covering several different headers and talking about encoding and caching. He had definitely made me want to learn even more about HTTP.

Anonymous at 11:57 on 12 Aug 2012

Great talk Ben, too bad you only had like 45 minutes to assist us in grokking HTTP.

Anonymous at 14:01 on 12 Aug 2012

Anonymous at 07:17 on 13 Aug 2012

Great talk, good introduction to a tough topic. The only problem I saw was that the speaker often forgot some points that should have been in his notes and rather than skipping or moving on, he would try to remember when he was already running overtime.

Ben covered a lot of ground in a short time. It was good to hear more about this frequently unless area of web work.