Journey through MVC architecture using KnockoutJS


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Anonymous at 15:42 on 12 Aug 2012

Good coverage of the actual topic, but the slide design completely ignored the pitfalls of projecting in a room with any ambient light. Really hard to read. The preferred color coding for code on a display up close is entirely different from the preferred color coding on a projector for a large audience with low contrast.

Conceptually I loved the idea behind this talk. I'm used to the MVC concept in the backend but front-end MVC concepts were new to me. The speaker did a great job describing these concepts. I found myself a little bit lost during the code examples. I think a complex topic like this really requires a hands-on workshop. Still this talk will spur me to explore this topic in the future so I appreciate you bringing this topic to us.

Anonymous at 16:12 on 12 Aug 2012

Excellent talk! Got me psyched about checking out Knockout JS (and probably Backbone JS too) which is fine because it gets me into using some MVC or similar JS libraries.

Great talk! I loved cpmparing the MV* frameworks and talking about the pro v cons

I enjoyed Kianosh's Flickr demo, and the breakdown of the code. I thought the slides could have used some more diagrams. It was my first introduction to this kind of client-side technology, and I liked how he broke it down.

There were some technical difficulties; dying mic batteries, lost notes, a broken link. But Mr Pourian handled it like a champ and delivered a very solid talk.

I liked the MVC concepts presented, but I am far from sold on Knockout JS. At the beginning of the presentation, he referred to inheriting "spaghetti mess" code, but the code generated by KnockoutJS intermingled js, html and various stuff and was not very clean. The majority of frameworks like this seem to emphasize ease of use and speed to deploy, but the code is frequently not that readable. Sorry, personal biases coming in. Good talk, overall.

Anonymous at 16:39 on 13 Aug 2012

It was a very interesting talk that I sadly got a little lost in. However I enjoyed the MVC concepts presented because they're becoming more and more important to know for jobs.

Anonymous at 21:12 on 13 Aug 2012

This was the first time I really "got" the whole MVC concept, and so I am rating Kianosh and this talk high for that. He did enough of a good job of explaining the MVC and MVVM concepts and tying them to the demo that this newbie (me) could understand it. I'm giving four stars (instead of five) because of the quality of the font/colors on the slides and that I'd rather a speaker show pictures of his kids at the end of the talk rather than at the beginning.