Redis for the Everyday Developer


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Ross obviously prepared extensively for his talk, and it was very smooth. I also really liked his approach to describing Redis, explaining the possible use cases and also covering specific functions you can use with it. He kept it simple, funny, and accessible. Great talk overall.

Very well prepared and presented talk. I loved the use-case based examples; it made it very clear how to use Redis and what kind of things are possible. It left me wanting to try using it in place of memcache or in some small side project.

Fantastic talk. It's quite a challenge to give a strong overview of a technology in such a short period of time. Ross did that and more, adding a bit of flare and humor. Thanks Ross. I loved the talk

Anonymous at 15:43 on 11 Aug 2012

Best talk so far. Very informative and entertaining.

Anonymous at 15:52 on 11 Aug 2012

Great talk and example use cases.

Anonymous at 16:28 on 11 Aug 2012

Loved it. As a person who has never heard of Redis before I was sold 10 minutes into the talk. Great presentation, smooth delivery and full of information.

The presenter did seem a bit nervous but it is understandable given it was his second such presentation. He was very well prepared nonetheless.

Anonymous at 16:37 on 11 Aug 2012

Amazing talk, one of the best I've even seen. Clear, concise and very informative. Amazing introduction to Redis, very excited to learn more about it and use it.

Ross is a very good speaker. The talk was informative and quite enjoyable. The pace was good. He is the only speaker who succeeded in convincing me to use Redis.

Anonymous at 12:56 on 12 Aug 2012

Ross presented his material very well. It was great intro to reids

I really like your presentation !
It was fun and very informative.

Very informative, fun & entertaining at the same time.