User Experience for Developers


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Anonymous at 14:57 on 11 Aug 2012

Anonymous at 15:11 on 11 Aug 2012

I felt that this was a little light on content, although maybe all that you can get across in a short presentation on UX is a "look-and-feel" kind of presentation. I'll have to explore Pek's blog for further insight.

Anonymous at 16:20 on 11 Aug 2012

Anonymous at 16:20 on 11 Aug 2012

I enjoyed the talk but it ended a little too soon. However it was very fun and inspiring. Also enjoyed seeing some martial arts from Pek.

Anonymous at 16:24 on 11 Aug 2012

Fascinating presentation, wish it delved deeper into the topic. Good public speaking skills, clear about expressing content which he obviously knows very well.

Anonymous at 16:28 on 11 Aug 2012

I walked away with some good reminders such as don't be afraid to kill features, fight for the user, make other idea's you see out there better, etc.

Very engaging. Manageable nuggets of information for effective strategizing.

After seeing this guy do martial arts, I am hesitant to rate his talk anything less than 5-stars without posting anonymously ;)

Very well composed presentation. No earth-shattering revelations but did a nice job of illustrating the simple things that we should all keep in mind. Liked the example about the waterfall scroll that needs to start happening before you actually reach the bottom.

Well done! Pek is a great speaker.


the case study of pinstagram.
Martial arts!

Would suggest more focus on the bridge between ux and dev per the title.

Anonymous at 22:23 on 11 Aug 2012

Overall pretty good... could have used a bit more focus on the UX/Dev bridge. But it was still interesting nonetheless.

Anonymous at 22:40 on 11 Aug 2012

Very interesting presentation and obviously Pek has a very diverse creative background from product, gaming to web design. It motivates me wanting to do more. Great job, thank you!

5 stars. The rating for some reasons doesn't work so I have to write it out. :)

Anonymous at 10:06 on 12 Aug 2012

The content presented was good, but I expected more examples. The talk was very short. It felt like a teaser.

Very likable and capable speaker, but very few takeaways.

Anonymous at 10:35 on 13 Aug 2012

I enjoyed this but it felt a little light on the details - what I took away was more motivational than actionable - still I thought this was a really good talk.

Good content and good insights, but could have done with a few more examples.

Anonymous at 13:33 on 13 Aug 2012

Good content for a few minutes. But, martial arts? When you only have 45 minutes to talk and field questions, you shouldn't spend *any* of that time talking about your personal, extra-curricular, activities. If you get that request during Q&A in the future, you should suggest they meet you somewhere during the lunch break. It seemed very self-serving.

Fun presentation with martial arts and Mortal Kombat fluff around some savvy product and go-to-market information. Pek talks fast and demos fast, and apparently he can get something out the door fast. He provided some insight into getting the product out quickly. Well worth the time.