Using PHP and Solr to Search a Domain


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Anonymous at 15:23 on 11 Aug 2012

This was a good introduction to solr. The speaker was a bit "dry" but the presentation was great!

Anonymous at 10:35 on 12 Aug 2012

Knew the topic but not really an engaging presentation

Anonymous at 20:44 on 13 Aug 2012

I enjoyed this talk because it totally cast an experience I had a few years ago when debating with a developer over how best to customize Lucene in a new light. In the course of only 45 minutes, the speaker actually showed how to use Solr to do what he listed in the talk's blurb (gasp, what an amazing 10% of Sturgeon's law: that a speaker deliver on what the talk's blurb says). He gave me tips on avenues that I can pursue to make my site's search results better match my users' expectations, and that made this talk totally worthwhile for me.