Berserk for Responsive Design Frameworks!


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One of the best talks! She clearly distinguished the features of both Bootstrap and Foundation and most amazingly without being biased towards either one. The distinctions of who might be best to use either one was also spot on and very helpful. As a backend developer looking to pickup some UX tips (and have used Bootstrap in the past) I think I have more and more reasons to a) continue using Bootstrap and b) to check out Foundation and some of the uses it may have for me for various projects.

Thank you, Tyler! I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

This was a great overview of both Bootstrap and Foundation, and I learned a lot about the tradeoffs between the two. Jen was engaging and knowledgable, and presented a clear case about when to use each framework. I really enjoyed this talk, and it made me feel more secure in my choice of Bootstrap for most of my side projects.

Thank you, Jonathan, that means a lot to me!