Building a REST API


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I enjoyed the first half-or-so of this talk. The comparison between SOAP - RPC - REST helped with context. This talk was more grounded in specifics than other REST talks I've seen, which I really appreciated.

However, I think it would have been stronger without the Zend content. I would have preferred more about how to design an API in a platform agnostic manner. It was a lot of dense code to look at when I don't use or intend to use Zend.

I agree with Eryn about the last half of the talk. I enjoyed the first half immensely and Mike, the speaker, was really quite funny. He's a great speaker and personable.

Anonymous at 17:09 on 19 Aug 2013


I actually really enjoyed this talk. IMO, Mike did an awesome job and while it would have been awesome if the talk was framework-agnostic, the title and description of the talk specified that it would be specific to Zend, so I knew that going in. The talk was interesting, on-point, and Mike had the right amount of humor. Also, Andrew actually provided the "framework-agnostic" talk on REST APIs.