Don't Be STUPID, Grasp SOLID


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Anonymous at 14:18 on 17 Aug 2013

Anonymous at 14:22 on 17 Aug 2013

I really liked this talk. It was extremely helpful to view OOP as behaviors rather than 'things.' Anthony, the speaker, was clear and helpful. Definitely glad I attended this!

Completely agree with the other comments. This talk was better than expected, and the alternative view of OOP and the way it was broken apart in this talk was really intriguing, helps folks new to OOP understand it a little differently that is more practical, while giving folks familiar with OOP new things to think about.

Great talk, great speaker. I found this talk very practical: realistic, not idealistic about OOP best practices. I'll definitely be reviewing the slides again later.

Anonymous at 19:24 on 17 Aug 2013

Super well presented talk that made me walk away with a lot of food for thought.
Thanks, Tony. Keep up the good work!

I was already familiar with the formal, academic definitions of SOLID, but the academic definitions are hard to fully digest. Anthony was able to provide simple real world examples, coupled with the code smells that you should look out for.

Amazing talk! The way that Anthony presents SOLID makes it extremely accessible and easy to understand. Definitely recommended if you are looking to improve your OO programming skills. The talk just flows naturally and is never boring. Thank you!

Awesome talk! Thanks so much for giving this talk! I learned a lot.

This was by far one of my favorite talk of the conference. I've seen many of the same issues crop up over the years, but this talk puts them together very well. I feel that I will be a better OO programmer from listening to the talk and putting the things that I learned to practice!

One of the best talks I've been to! Anthony is a great speaker and is able to present fairly complex ideas and theories in a simple, easy to understand format while making it entertaining!

Great presentation, with good energy. It made me feel like I could look at my code again, from a different perspective, and see how I can reassemble it into a more logical and manageable construction.

Amazing talk, it made me rethink my development process and in turn is possibly making me a more efficient developer

Anonymous at 14:13 on 21 Aug 2013

Great talk, well paced and good gags. And as everyone else has said, great content. The mix of higher-level concepts and then more concrete examples felt about right too.

The conversation afterwards was where traits fit into this picture - though I'm not sure whether that might be too much in this talk.

Anthony has an excellent way of getting across SOLID that will definitely help re-evaluate my coding practices