Git Essentials


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Anonymous at 14:06 on 18 Aug 2013

Talk went better than expected. Generally speaking some of the talks that are completely command line can get really boring really quick w/ a lot of waiting. Not in this case! Speaker was well prepared, commands were typed in quickly and effectively, size of the screen was set just right and made sure everybody could see right in the beginning.

As far as the content of the talk, it was right on queue. Most of the beginning talk were git basics and I was eagerly awaiting some of the more advanced features towards the end. When they came they were very helpful and his examples were very realistic.

Definitely a talk that I could take some things away from.

As a svn elder but a git newb, I enjoyed the first half of this talk. Once we hit merging and rebasing, I got lost, but that's alright. Everyone else in the audience seemed to be digging it, and you can't learn everything in one day.

I was nervous when Matthew said much of the talk was going to be on the command line, but it actually worked out great. He was really well prepared and everything flowed well. Looking forward to watching the video once I get a little more experience under my belt.

Anonymous at 13:27 on 19 Aug 2013

Good talk, explained most things very well. looking forward to reviewing the slides

I use a visual Git client. This talk was exactly what I needed to better understand Git commands and workflow. I'm looking forward to implementing his ideas to improve my change management process.