Mobile-First Design


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Really enjoyed this talk. Heard this was her first talk, but wouldn't have known that just sitting in on it. The length was excellent, really good use of examples... really talented from checking out her profile. Talk also used great humor, she even humiliated one of the attendees because he wanted a book! What is this profession and the purpose of going to these conferences if you can't enjoy this kind of fun every once and awhile?!

Anonymous at 19:22 on 17 Aug 2013

I liked the approach of this talk. I felt like it was different from most talks in a good way.
I would have liked to see more concrete examples and code snippets of practical things to do when thinking "mobile first", but all the same, a great first presentation by a future industry leader, no doubt.

Overall, good presentation, especially considering it was her first time speaking. Presenter was comfortable, deflected hecklers with ease, and provided good visual aids.

In general, the talk was probably better suited to devs who had little to no knowledge with responsive/ adaptive/agnostic web development. Additionally, I suggest she check out some of the documentation and benefits of applying relative widths and font sizing (using ems and rems) instead of fixed pixel values in CSS media queries.

Anonymous at 13:17 on 19 Aug 2013

good talk went very well. would have liked to see the css code examples

Good talk from a first time speaker giving a beginner-level presentation. Her speaking style was accessible and fun. She presented interesting examples and managed the crowd well.