Scaling PHP to 40 Million Uniques


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Anonymous at 19:29 on 17 Aug 2013

Jonathan gave a good presentation and it was obvious that he knows what he's talking about.
I liked how he constantly drove home the point that simple works, even with mega sites.

A very inspiring talk. I just wished that he had talked a bit slower at times (although in his defense, I know he had a lot to talk about).

Anonymous at 09:50 on 18 Aug 2013

This was a fabulous and useful presentation about something that's a hard to do well. I learned lots of new useful information.

Talks like this, that overview a lot of content, can be hard to keep interesting, but Johnathan managed it. Just enough depth. I really liked that he shared the specific tactics that Etsy took, often with metrics.

Very informative and interesting, and easy to see how to apply the recommendations to sites much smaller than etsy. Thanks!

Insightful talk and I'll definitely be bringing some of his ideas to my company. Very intrigued about releasing as often as Etsy does. The data he presented helped a lot.

Excellent view on how to handle many users. It was nice to see solid evidence of why certain tactics were working well for Etsy.

Anonymous at 13:21 on 19 Aug 2013

liked the talk and talking about why they chose one method over another

Lots of great details made for a great talk. Even if you're not running a multi-sharded world scale eCommerce site, there were some takeaways.

Anonymous at 17:01 on 19 Aug 2013

Great talk to end the day. Nice to see in detail how a large operation Etsy runs. "so what happened on memorial day weekend"

This talk was fantastic! It was great to see how Etsy tackles resource-scaling and responsiveness issues at such a great scale. Jonathan is a great presenter, and the talk was exciting and informative. It was the talk that I was able to take the most immediately actionable items back with me.

Best prepared and delivered presentation of the event. Rock star.