You Can UX Too: Avoiding the Programmer's User Interface


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Awesome talk. Great ideas (and jokes at the expense of programmers) about how 'we' need to stop designing UX. And how UX & development need to be two separate processes, and thought about seperately.

Also how we need to be 'UX First'. Great job!

Good ideas and references to more info. I'm going toj your ideas in practice my next project.

A thoughtful, engaging talk from an enjoyable and energetic speaker. Well done!

Fascinating talk, lots of great information for designing all kinds of UIs. Especially important to think about the ui used by other devs.

Intriguing perspective from the view of a programmer, as a programmer I could relate, and I think I took plenty away from the talk to help me with my ever increasing tasks of making interfaces. Lets hope they don't look like some of those bad examples.

I really like the practical perspective of realizing that UX is not "someone else's problem".

It was really well prepared and presented.

I liked the easy to understand ideas and techniques that I could use to take my UX from suck to not bad but still sucky. I need all of the help I can get.

Anonymous at 19:20 on 17 Aug 2013

Very entertaining presentation that seemed very much based on things that Eryn actually sees day to day.
I liked the style of the presentation a lot and it really motivated me to actually do something about the UX problems I see in my daily work.

Really well done. Funny, informative and useful. A great reminder to all the programmers in the room that their work doesn't have to look crappy if they put a wee bit of effort into it.

Interesting talk. Hearing the experiences of a developer thinking about UX and working with UX professionals was very valuable.

Amazing talk, it is what many developers (like myself) needs, another developer to discuss the importance of spending time on the UX before it is nothing but database input (Good job Eryn)