Advanced Common Sense


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Great talk! Too bad we ran out of time.

Very good talk, looking forward to reading the book

Anonymous at 07:19 on 8 Sep 2014

Great talk. Good mix of info and humor. The live usability demo was fun to watch and incredibly informative. My only quip is that the beginning of the talk dragged a little. Steve could have moved through it a little faster to get to the demo and allow more Q&A.

This was a great keynote talk and I thank Steve for taking the time to teach developers that in order to build great software you need to talk with users first.

Steve is an excellent communicator and he uses storytelling, humor, and humbling experiences to make this case. I enjoy the simple cartoon black and white illustrations he uses to explain what happens at the office.

He kept the audience engaged the whole time. He walked around and asked to share experiences and frustrations from the audience. He showed ways to incorporate usability testing to the development process early. He even did a live usability test on a randomly chosen audience member. This made it fun, and real. but more importantly it shows how simple it can be to do.

Overall this was a fantastic talk and powerful message.

Great talk, about to buy some of his books. Very inspiring!

Anonymous at 09:38 on 21 Sep 2014

Great talk and Steve was wonderful to talk with later that day about how to work this into my company.