Code For America


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Some great examples of good and bad design, and a good call to action for others to get involved.

Awesome Presentation!

@phae was an energetic speaker and very vibrant. I enjoyed here mentioning the fiasco and the "call to arms" for civil servants to write better code and design fluid govt websites

I would like to have seen some "Swag" from Code for America. The Gov.UK refactor was interesting, however I wish more information was given abou t the Code for America Brigades

Overall phenomenal presentation and I hope to see more

Thank You

Anonymous at 09:31 on 22 Sep 2014

The presentation was great. Entertaining, and lots of information explained well. Five thumbs up for that.

My issue with this talk was the conference organizers choosing to make it a keynote. I'm one of those people who does not volunteer, and was not inspired to volunteer in the future. To me, it felt a little too much like a hard sell pushed onto a captive audience.

Wonderful speaker, Thank you for coming!