Code Quality, By The Numbers


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Awesome talk. Going to be running complexity analysis with every commit from now on

Anonymous at 15:20 on 6 Sep 2014

Excellent talk!

Anonymous at 15:22 on 6 Sep 2014

Come on, we all know Anthony is badass. Nuff said.
Seriously, though, really great talk.
I hope to be like you some day, man :) .

- Jonathan

SUCH a good talk.
Informative and well paced with many important points made. Very good speaker with a knack for teaching. Tools were discussed, attributions were aplenty, and numbers with explanations to back up all his points.

A++. Would watch again.

Anonymous at 13:29 on 7 Sep 2014

Great talk, got a lot of good out of it on both practical and theoretical fronts!

Very interesting topic and very well explained and demonstrated.

Anonymous at 21:19 on 7 Sep 2014

One of the best

I really wish that I had something bad to say about the talk, something more constructive than how great I thought it was. But I don't.

Aside from the fact that I am not a huge fan of memes the talk was absolutely fantastic. Not only did it have a deep explanation of the the concepts involved, real world examples, explanation of what tools were used as well as who created them, the talk also beat up on wordpress.