Composer: From Beginner to Expert


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Anonymous at 10:45 on 7 Sep 2014

Anonymous at 13:27 on 7 Sep 2014


Excellent talk. Great content, pacing, and delivery!

Anonymous at 11:05 on 8 Sep 2014

In a way, this was the best talk in the conference for me. It's because this was the best takeaway for me. It's something I can use right away at work. I am presenting the information I learned to my company so we can start using Composer as soon as possible.

Very solid talk.

Jonathan Klein is one of the best technical presenters I have seen. I am very proud to have him in Boston and associated with Northeast PHP for past three years. In years past, he has given us highly technical talks. This year, I challenged him to give a beginner talk. His challenge?... to make us feel like experts...

Beginners need a story and a reason why. Jonathan explained Composer in a new way that got us excited and wanting to use it. Goodbye PEAR, I never liked you.

- Excellent use of showing code, zooming in to see what is going on, highlighted code
- The pace and progression was well planned
- I never understood PSR until he explain it
- He looked at the audience instead of the screen
- He was careful not to use terms we didn't understand
- I never felt like I missed anything, and I didn't feel dumb
- He took questions, and repeated the questions so all could understand
- I was inspired

I can't say enough about Jonathan Klein and how a good mentor he is. I appreciate him taking a beginner talk.

As a beginner, this really lined up how to use Composer.

Superb Talk, Very new to Composer. You mentioned staying away from the "Vendor Blackbox" however I want clear how to use composer if I work for a Vender that offers a HAAS appliance