Easing into PHP Object Oriented Programming (OOP)


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This was a good talk and explained the principles of being organized when you code.

Bill and I have been debating for years on if its best to start OOP or Procedural when you learn to code. I asked him to come and teach us why OOP is better way. How it will keep you sane as you make more and more complex application.

I feel there are many programmers who are lost and stuck in procedural coding. Maybe if we rename the terms we associate with it then it would get more traction.... Polymorphism, Class, Object, Abstraction, Encapsulation... sounds less exciting and too hard. :)

Bill gave examples of state machines. He showed us programs with a "rats nest" of conditional statements and why state is better. He had good examples, good pace, and even gave away some of his books.

I would like to see Bill present more at these events and I can tell he enjoyed it. Thank you.

Superb Presentation! I am new to PHP and extremely excited about OOP because of Bill presentation.

I would like to follow-up with Bill and see a combined OOP + Composer presentation next year.

Well done Sir!

This talk was really great. I've been a fan of Bill Sanders' work since I read his latest book 6 months ago, and his writings have pushed me toward utilizing OOP in all my projects. I thoroughly enjoyed his examples and felt they made it a more accessible topic. I had never really understood polymorphism until this talk.

When I learned OOP after years of procedural, I felt my programming skills "level up" in a sense. This talk was a good refresher on the basics of OOP for me and I think Bill really brought it down to an easy to understand level.

OOP is such an interesting and broad topic, I honestly could have stayed in that room all day.