Under the hood of the HHVM JIT Compiler


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Really cool and impressive stuff.

A really interesting deep dive into the JIT compiler behind HHVM. It was presented well, going deep without going too deep.

Perhaps it could have used a more structured example of the process (rather than just scrolling through logs). But the points were made well.

I remember when I invited Facebook to Boston PHP back in 2004 where Scott MacVicar presented Hip Hop for the first time. It is great to have Facebook back in Boston with new offices and jobs to hire for. Wow.

I wasn't able to stay for the whole talk, but I think its important to note that Facebook has embraced and prospered by PHP and they continue to embrace and exploit it fully. PHP is a culture and the developers that use it are creative risk takers and unique. The HHVM method is an incredible technology that in my view, is designed to keep PHP alive and as an interpreted language of choice for web developers.

Thank you Ed Smith and Facebook!!!!

It's also worth noting that two of the top five websites in the world presented... Facebook and Wikipedia. PHP is king.

What a great pleasure to have a Facebook Engineer in front of me. The talk was deep into machine codes but very interesting!