Refactoring Legacy Code


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Anonymous at 10:45 on 7 Sep 2014

Great talk!

Very in depth and clarifying talk !

Great talk on refactoring. It made me realize just how bad my (company's) code really is. I made lots of notes on how to refactor the right way. Thanks!

Nice explanation of the do's and don'ts, and how to tackle a large and complex problem.

Anonymous at 09:39 on 8 Sep 2014

This was an incredible talk. Great information, excellent tips. I think the steps outlined are much easier for managers/higher-ups to digest versus "doode, our codebase sucks, we need to rewrite it". The pacing was just about right. Though, this kind of talk really needs 90 minutes. 45 minutes is too short for such an important topic. Thank you Adam.

What a great talk we have with Adam! Very inspiring. Going to apply the concept and many quotes on my professional life. Thank you Adam!