Avoiding Common Database Problems


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Chris Brown at 13:46 on 5 Aug 2016

This talk was based on a presentation targeted at first-time devs, and the same basic code sample (on how to connect to a db) appeared at least 3 times, and David explained it every time.

While there was mention of set theory and the venn diagrams to create joins, they were mentioned in-passing and not actually demonstrated.

While David obviously knows how to do all the things discussed, he read most of the talk from his notes or from the slides. The presentation would have been more effective if he had gone off-script and spoke off-the-cuff.

Another way to improve this talk would be to update the slides and examples to de-duplicate things, and to provide a little more detailed application of the skills mentioned. At least 2 slides had typos.

The content of the talk is valuable, and with a little updating is something worth presenting again at future conferences.

Chris at 14:03 on 5 Aug 2016

Great presentation. I'm a first time dev and wanted to ensure I was on the right path. After the presentation I felt that I am.