Dockerizing Development


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Mathieu Imbert at 16:35 on 4 Aug 2016

Very interesting talk covering all the basics. Docker isn't so scary anymore!

Chris Brown at 16:56 on 4 Aug 2016

Eric spoke from the perspective of applied experience, and clearly knows his subject.

My knowledge of the subject was "average" prior to this talk, but has definitely increased after listening.

Eric also helped me become aware of some big leaps that have occurred in the Docker space since I was last investigating it, and now I'm much more interested in digging in deeper and using it again.

Eric is a good presenter, and I felt like he connected well with the audience.

Definitely got a lot of value from the content and delivery of this presentation.

Steve Grunwell at 17:25 on 4 Aug 2016

Maybe it's because I know Eric well, but his talks always force me to question my existing assumptions and challenge me to find better solutions. Containerized environments is clearly a subject that he's passionate about, and his passion has infected at least a few others in the room (myself included).

Kris Olafson at 10:01 on 5 Aug 2016

Very enjoyable talk. Clearly described the problem his company was facing and the solution using docker.