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Steve Grunwell at 17:34 on 4 Aug 2016

The first "soft-skills" talk I've attended at this conference, Terrence presented the very real obstacles that passionate engineers must overcome to bring forth positive change in an organization. Covering everything from the archetypes of the people who need convincing to the approaches that work best for each kind, this talk is full of invaluable knowledge for any person – technologist or otherwise – hoping to influence the technical direction of his/her organization.

Zeke Farwell at 00:48 on 5 Aug 2016

Excellent strategies for dealing with the many types of resistance you may face on the road to change.

Tim Klever at 12:49 on 5 Aug 2016

Awesome talk, great lessons on how to keep pushing forward.

Chris Brown at 09:31 on 6 Aug 2016

The presentation style Terrance used for this talk was very effective. Not only did he provide a wealth of practical advice and actionable strategies, but he also delivered it with an energy and enthusiasm that left me firmly believing that I could strategically effect change. I felt equipped with tools and insights, and an awareness of the mindset to embrace if I want to be an effective agent of change ... both at work and outside work.

I look forward to future talks Terrance gives!