Going Pro


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Kris Olafson at 21:26 on 5 Aug 2016

Anyone who started out on a Commodore 64 and used BBSes is good with me! Lots of good advice in this talk :)

Chris Brown at 10:09 on 6 Aug 2016

Cal has mastered the art of pronouncing unpronounceable acronyms! I didn't hear him emulate the sound of the 300bps modem he talked about, but I too remember the days of the BBS and writing BASIC on the good ol' C=64.

Cal spoke from practical experience, offering good advice for both novice and pro ... covering not only the tech stuff to be mindful of, but also the values of honesty and integrity which lay a framework for successful relationships *and* successful projects.

Cal has an enthusiastic and lighthearted presentation style, abundantly littered with bad jokes and lessons learned from the road well-traveled.

(Note to Cal: you seemed to do a bit of extra reading-from-presenter-notes, which I haven't noticed you do so much before; while you do it in a way that isn't awkward I did find it a bit distracting because I felt you disconnect from us slightly when you did that.)

Steve Grunwell at 11:39 on 8 Aug 2016

As usual, Cal knocked it out of the park with one of his famous (infamous?) keynotes. Great insight into the career path of a professional developer, which dovetailed into the professional development from some Ohioan :cough: just before it.

Great bullet points, each accentuated with relevant anecdotes from Cal's own experience. That kind of presentation really brings it home for attendees.