Hacking the Human Interface


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Kris Olafson at 21:22 on 5 Aug 2016

Great talk! I love hearing why people got into software development, and Samantha's story was very interesting! I experienced nostalgia overload when she talked about copying out Basic games from magazines :)

Kudos to her for raising a lot of important topics that people too often shy away from! I just wish she'd had time to discuss the rest of her slides. I think the pace was good, the talk probably just needed and extra 15 minutes. I could see some great discussions coming out of this talk, so time for that would have been great too.

Matthew Duffy at 15:18 on 6 Aug 2016

This was a life-altering talk. Thank you so much for sharing.

Mathieu Imbert at 11:27 on 8 Aug 2016

Excellent talk! With all the web technologies around (languages, databases, caching, testing, version control, ...), it's easy to get so focused on our jobs that we forgot the most important tool: ourselves.