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Chris at 08:51 on 5 Aug 2016

Good presentation. Maybe a few more diagrams and a deeper explainationof what a web socket is. Going into the code early had me lost. Thanks!

Kris Olafson at 09:59 on 5 Aug 2016

Great content but could have been longer. As another reviewer suggested, more coverage of the basics could have filled things out. Some good takeaways!

Theodore Stepanoff at 10:01 on 5 Aug 2016

If you could give a couple more diagrams of how the systems takes to each other it would have been helpful. You mentioned you had two servers and it would also have been useful to see how you pushed from on to the other so they didn't push back to the other and cause a loop. The load balancing is something that really intrigued me and just wished it was explained in a little more technical terms. Over all I enjoyed it and got good information and hope this helps to get even better for next time.

Aram Comjean at 11:55 on 5 Aug 2016

It was good but jumped right in with technical details. . Some background information on the problem, and information on the technologies Ratchet/ Web sockets would have been useful if one didn't know much about them (maybe a network message diagram). Nice work overall though.