The API Toolbox


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Anonymous at 13:56 on 5 Aug 2016

Great speaker, great examples, great demo! Well done.

Anonymous at 13:56 on 5 Aug 2016

Thought provoking, will be looking into tools mentioned.

Chris Brown at 14:00 on 5 Aug 2016

Tim brings a wealth of practical experience to his presentations. I appreciated that this was indeed a "toolbox" talk, and gave a demo of a variety of tools to accomplish common goals, along with reasons why each tool/service might be more suitable for various use cases.

The live demos really helped demonstrate the usefulness and meaningfulness of each tool.

Additionally, another valuable component presented was the security risks imposed by using each of these tools, and performance-related considerations to be factored in.

Tim's style is informative, confident, friendly, honest, and candid. Even when some demos met with problems his way of handling them was calm and entertaining and not a distraction from the talk.

enas hasan at 23:09 on 6 Aug 2016

I learned a lot from this talk. I can definitely use and share with the rest of my team.

Steve Grunwell at 11:37 on 8 Aug 2016

Tim is one of my favorite speakers, and I certainly appreciated his emphasis on giving us real, "you can use these today" examples. Even the Live Demo Gods approved!

I *should* take off a star for him forgetting to mute his notifications, but he gets it back for encouraging us to spam his open port (and not getting mad when we did).