Database are persistent stores of information but often the syntax of PHP combines with oddities of database to confuse the heck out of novice developers. This presentation will take novice PHP developers through the steps need to store and retrieve data into a database. MySQL will be used for examples but the core knowledge will apply to other databases. Then this foundation will be used to cover efficient use of a database, avoiding the N+1 problem, and how to avoid SQL injection.


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Dave Stokes (Speaker) at 11:43 on 10 Aug 2017

Slides are at and for those looking for something Intermediate to advanced, please see my 'What Your Database Query is Really Doing'.

Jon Schwartz at 14:03 on 10 Aug 2017

Great talk, got some good insights to take home and I never realized limits weren't actually speeding up my query. It does actually speed up my return times sometime.

David is a great speaker and super knowledable.