One important concept in web application security is defense in depth. You protect your server, your network, your database and your application, but what about the user browser? Can it be done?

Yes! Several new technologies and protocols to assist security has been added to the browsers. Several should be added, activated and configure from your web server or web page. In this presentation we will explore these technologies and learn how to use them. You’ll learn about the Robots meta tags (for crawlers indexing), Browsing Compatibility, XSS and Clickjaking Protection, SSL/TLS Control, and Content Security Policy.


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Jon Schwartz at 11:21 on 10 Aug 2017

Great info! I will be saving the slides for reference later.

Great presentation! Lots of information.

A lot of material to cover for the block but it was very useful

Michelangelo van Dam at 15:15 on 10 Aug 2017

Philippe, your talk is very interesting and it's triggering my curiosity to explore further.

Two tips to improve though:
- don't be nervous: we're here to listen and learn from you. You know your stuff, so no need to be nervous
- don't read each item of your slide: tell instead a story about what's on the slide or give some nice examples why or why not use the specific header.

Good job, well done!

Ryan Welcher at 12:53 on 11 Aug 2017

Great talk! I learned a lot.