When writing prototypes and testing new ideas, it's tough to strike the right balance between relying on hosted services and running them yourself. Cloud-based services like S3 and SQS can help your application scale and keep costs down, but the instant feedback you get from running all your own dependencies can speed up testing and development. In this talk, we'll explore how to avoid that trade-off by building for the cloud without giving up the rapid feedback loop that comes from running everything on your laptop. In particular, we'll look at how to build a web app that uses battle-hardened and scalable AWS services like S3, SQS, Amazon Aurora, Cognito, and Lambda while keeping a local-only environment for experimentation and rapid development. We'll achieve this using some popular abstraction libraries like FlySystem, Eloquent, and Laravel's authentication and queueing components, but we'll also address using alternatives or writing your own. You should walk out of the room with examples and strategies for building for scale without compromising the rapid feedback loop of PHP development.


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