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Michelangelo van Dam at 15:06 on 10 Aug 2017

I have seen this talk before, and this version is a whole better: good pace, good content and again an awesome Samantha! Well done!

Excellent keynote. I especially enjoyed that, as in all good storytelling, the take home point was nicely foreshadowed early on in the talk.

Jon Schwartz at 17:49 on 10 Aug 2017

I love computer history! I had heard a few of these stories before but not is as much detail. I'm now paranoid that I do not have enough security on my devices. This talk was awesome. Nice job.

Ryan Welcher at 12:54 on 11 Aug 2017

Fantastic talk. I learned a lot, was challenged to think and by the end you made me feel like I was a super hero! Hit me right in the feelz :)