Architecting with Queues for Scale and Separation


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Anonymous at 12:13 on 22 Aug 2015

Excellent talk. In addition to the benefits of using queues, I really liked the discussion of the downside.

The section on downsides and appropriate use cases was great. I think some more strategies and real world use cases would have really helped clarify when to use queues.

Queues are a powerful tool for scaling web apps, so being able to learn how they're easily integrated into PHP applications (and seeing example implementations from a live application) was hugely applicable. Understanding the trade-offs required to add a queue for record keeping (i.e. offloading database write operations to an asynchronous queue) is a must for anyone looking to use these techniques! I was pleased to see Sandy cover these trade-offs directly rather than just gloss over them as I've seen many other presenters do.