Closing Keynote


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Susie delivered a talk on Diversity, a subject that I'm particularly concerned about, so it was great to see it discussed on the NEPHP stage. She had some really good points about "Waste Not, Want Not" and made a good case for not leaving a large percentage of the workforce on the side. I felt that some of her stories lacked a little focus, but it was great that they were clearly very personal.

At the end of the day, one of the best things to have in our arsenals to persuade whole industries to change - or at least to start to change - is data, so it would also have been nice to have seen some studies that spoke to some of the more anecdotal pieces Susie presented.

However, it's clear that she has had a lot of personal experience in this realm, and I would highly recommend this session to anyone, regardless of their background or feelings on the subject.