Designing Micro Experiences


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I found that there was a bit too much time spent on focussing on the videos Mel created, and perhaps there could be more data to back up the micro experience concept.

Nevertheless, it was a good talk from a passionate speaker - and the slides were gorgeous!

Anonymous at 09:59 on 23 Aug 2015

Enjoyed Mel's talk. Useful information provided

A few really interesting points were touched on (setting measurable goals, how YouTube metrics are more helpful than Vimeo, etc.) But they were glossed over.

There was also no connection to web design or product design; the focus was entirely engagement in ads.

The downside of videos turned into GIFs is that they loop. And loop. And loop. And ... the audience gets a bit lost if you stick on one, large, animated slide for too long. The presentation as as whole was above average but the emphasis on videos felt misplaced and detracted from the flow of the talk.

Anonymous at 18:35 on 23 Aug 2015

I think you have something here, but it wasn't all delivered too smoothly. Good slides, good anecdotes, but I found the pace was filled with too many personal accomplishments as examples. Still I enjoyed it and stayed until the end. Keep working on your stage and pace.

Hello! Thanks for all the awesome feedback. I'm already re-jiggering this presentation.

For the time being, I've thrown the whole presentation up on Medium. It has all the movement/GIFs the original had.