PHP for Micro-Services


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Loved hearing the pros and cons of various different approaches. My only suggestion would be to make the example diagram more technical and detailed, so people could easily see where each different solution might fit into the puzzle.

Scoring low because while this was an OK review of related DevOps and pros/cons, that is not what the abstract promised. There was no exploration of using PHP. There was no "how do you write one in PHP". An example micro-service was not built during the talk. All in all I did not get what was promised in the talk. Its as though the talk were created without looking at the abstract.

Anonymous at 22:38 on 22 Aug 2015

I would have liked there to be more discussion about why you would want to use microservices. It was a very interesting talk, though.

A bit of an echo of Adam's comments, but I also noticed the speaker seemed nervous... bit of a voice quaver, hands in pockets, etc... while that's completely understandable, a little more practice might help improve the delivery.

Yes, there was no example micro-service built, but I can't imagine fitting that in the 45 minute time slot due to the breadth of the topic. So yes, the description could have been more accurate. But the note that attendees didn't need to be pro software architects suggested this would be a higher level conceptual talk. What micro-services are and why they are used were explained, as promised. I feel like I have a better sense now of what approaches should be taken to write one in PHP. The decision to emphasize the potential pain points of writing these types of apps was a good choice.

I agree with the comments here. The talk abstract emphasized PHP and I wasn't able to get nearly enough PHP into the talk. I made the decision to stay high-level and not go into the weeds and lot went unanswered because of it. I have received a lot of encouragement offline from people saying they got a lot out of that approach but I understand many people wanted something with more meat.

I have many pages of notes and code that I had to cut from the talk because I couldn't fit it in 45 minutes. I will think on how best I can get that out into the community.

In the meantime, if anyone wants to pick my brain on PHP or Microservices (or both at once) please feel free to reach out to me and I'd love to help.

Anonymous at 01:39 on 26 Aug 2015

Very good topic with a fun and engaging delivery. Though he didn't give the exact code to write microservices with, he mapped out how it could be done (not just with PHP) fairly well. Overall a great speech, definitely got me thinking.