Building and leading top technical talent. It’s not all about the money or benefits. How does Bazaarvoice attract, build, and lead software engineering talent to own, create, manage, and grow the software that supports almost 1 billion unique user devices, over 300 million products, 140 billion queries, and more on a monthly basis. No holds bar all the fact what works well and what hasn’t.


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Anonymous at 19:53 on 22 Jul 2018

I was very disappointed by this talk. What could have been a very insightful guide to how hire and manage talented developers, was actually a barely disguised advert for Bazaarvoice. The actual talk was about the hiring/interview process, and did not speak about how to "attract" or "lead" talent.

Even at that, anyone I've spoken to about this talk agrees that the hiring/interview process detailed makes Bazaarvoice an unappealing place to join. Pouring scorn on people from Belfast for not being prepared to devote an entire day to an arduous recruitment process leads me to believe that the speaker (of US nationality) is completely out of touch with the recruitment practices of Belfast/NI, and his reference to the military was a little tone deaf for an NI audience.