Vaguely star wars themed, Sequel to “A Node Hype”. Live demo with some background, using rust, cargo, and web pack


Quick intro to WebAssembly
Even quicker intro to rust
Example of creating a rust package (crate)
Publishing said crate to npmjs as wasm module
Create a barebones html page in a clean environment (with no rust toolchain)
Install rust crate/webassembly module from npm
Embed the webassembly module in said html page
Show it running, hopefully…

Come to the dark side we have performance and powerful types
Examples of some other projects using webassembly for cool things
Potential warnings/drawbacks, no more view source, etc.
If I have time:

Brief sermon about formal reasoning being very powerful
Implications in other areas (webassembly on the server? unikernels?)
Some of my own Prognostication
Potential gags include:

Some sort of language based you killed my father/I am your father joke.
Disappointing prequels (flash, java)
BIG CORPORATE (still a bit disappointing, but better) sequels (asmjs, PNACL)
“I am the Senate/It’s treason then” (reduced democratisation of the web)
Audience Outcomes:

Awareness that WebAssembly exists
Awareness of Rust
Demo that webassembly is already practical, now.
Pun exhaustion
Where we are on the “Birth and Death of Javascript” timeline


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