We'll meet Rust Language by a live coding session on "String Calculator Kata".
Rust is a Safe and Fast system language, but there is a price to pay for being both of them.
Thanks to this classic TDD Kata we'll be able to explore some syntax language aspects and introduce some brand new Rust concepts as ownership, borrowing and lifetime.
The goal of this talk isn't to teach you Rust but to show you some of the concepts that make it so unique.
It'll be a short but intense session that'll give you the chance to taste "A Bite of Rust"!


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For the one interested in the language it gives a good overview. As a suggestion for next talks: for me it has a bit difficult to understand "lifetimes" concept and the introduction of the Iterator has been a bit quick (my questions have been "is an iterator an interface ? How the syntax of this "Iterator for" is working?...) I would also add some minutes on possible field of action of the language, ecosystem and (beyond mozilla) some noticeable usage of rust in project.

BTW The talk has been very good in presenting the language and raising my interest on it!

Marco Arena at 17:35 on 26 Nov 2017

I liked the structure of this session and how Michele went through the kata, little by little. He really loves RUST and his passion can be contagious :)

A great hands-on presentation of the language