Some years ago I started facing with programming problems on Competitive Programming websites, partly for fun, partly because I felt like experimenting something new.
I gradually got more and more committed and I quickly ended up solving a couple of exercises per day.
After some time I noticed several benefits: I was quicker at recognizing coding patterns, I discovered new kind of questions to reason about when dealing with a problem, I tried to go beyond the first solution that worked.
My professional alter ego was positively influenced as well.
Two years ago I decided to share this experience with the Community. I shaped an original meetup format called "Coding Gym", open to all programming languages and that I monthly organize in Modena.
I would like to tell you more about this story by solving some interesting programming challenges from the past coding gyms.
Although I will mostly code in C++ - using idioms and gems from the standard library - my focus is to show you why any professional developer can benefit from practicing competitive programming.


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I found the the talk very well done and inspiring - another tool in the belt of the programmer who wants to improve with delivery practice. Esp. Useful, IMHO, the "Retrospective" part where you share ideas and create algorithms.