Asynchronous PHP and real-time messaging


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Anonymous at 20:18 on 28 Jan 2015

Fantastic presentation! very informative!

Anonymous at 20:19 on 28 Jan 2015

good examples.

Anonymous at 20:20 on 28 Jan 2015

Awesome presentation with interactive demo.
got to learn cool new stuff.

Anonymous at 20:24 on 28 Jan 2015

Great topic, awesome demonstrations, a little too fast in the beginning. You
can slow down. Try to spend some time between each thought - pause for
emphasis. When editing in a terminal (e.g. editing config files) or looking at
text in Sublime your font size was a little small. If you know ahead of time
you're going to be showing code samples you might want to try a lighter color
scheme, even if it's not your preferred default.

Anonymous at 03:37 on 29 Jan 2015

Great presentation and useful topic! Thanks. Just wish to read more code.

Anonymous at 09:29 on 29 Jan 2015

Very informative and interesting presentation. Steve knows the material and feels like an authoritative skilled accomplished developer.

Code samples were sufficient but more would not hurt. Also got a bit thrown off by the proxy stuff - not familiar with what it was for or what it buys you.

Overall good presentation that will introduce a new level of development and gets the thought machine dreaming :)

It was a fantastic jam packed overview on all the techniques to achieve asynchronous PHP and real-time messaging via HTML5 with some excellent interactive demos for the audience to see some actual use cases. This talk was originally given and also well received at 2014 SoCal PHP Camp and he has added more to the slides and demos since. It is obvious Steve is very knowledgeable on the subject by the information presented and the flow to the overall presentation. Definitely interesting to see how PHP can be pushed to achieve what languages like node.js are known for.

Anonymous at 10:32 on 29 Jan 2015

Awesome presentation, love php and html5.

Anonymous at 11:29 on 29 Jan 2015

One of the better PHP group meetings. I learned some interesting new things and I could see that Steve spent the needed time to prepare examples and topic slides.

Anonymous at 11:41 on 29 Jan 2015

Steve: great job in preparation, explanation and answering questions. Also, major points for putting examples up on Github for everyone to refer to.

Anonymous at 20:09 on 31 Jan 2015

It was a nice talk. I got excited about PHP again