3D Printer, the ultimate Raspberry Pi Accessory


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Anonymous at 00:18 on 21 Aug 2012

I had hoped this this talk would show some interesting uses of 3d printers together with Raspberry Pis, however it wasn't as in-depth as that. In fact the only link between raspberry pi and 3d printing evident here was the speakers' motivation to print cases for his Raspberry Pi.

Even so it was quite an interesting light introduction to the world of 3d printing so overall I did enjoy it.

Any talk with Dalek's in gets my vote!

I went into this talk having no idea was was booked for this session, as it happens I found the talk interesting and had I the money I'd certainly fancy getting into 3D printing as it seems a promising technology. The speaker admitted the link to the Raspi is tenuous at best, probably best dropping that from the title and the talk would still stand up as a good introduction to the real-life consumer applications of 3D printing and I agree with Becky, the Dalek was pretty cool