Lightning talks


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Loved the lightning talks, well done to speakers. Well organised by oggcamp crew - strict on time and 1 question, straight on to next speaker. This made it run well.

A great session, I only wish we could have had more. I think there were more attendees who had a lightning talk within them...

Consider putting them in CFM next year (assuming people do use it) or making the notice board big and prominent in the entrance lobby as it was a bit hidden. Split it up into multiple sessions (either around the two days or multiple adjoining rooms at once) and have people fill in particular time slots so everybody know what's on when and where.

Anonymous at 00:55 on 21 Aug 2012

Loved it. More please. Five minutes isn't enough, but ten or fifteen would be. Allow more time for questions, because restricting it to one question was a bit silly. Mark did a good job of being the harsh taskmaster that moved things along and that aspect is definitely needed though.

I agree with Dominic that multiple sessions are needed - if done over two days and in CFM then that would give the chance for the second session to be scrapped if not enough people volunteered talks, though judging by the popularity this time around, hopefully that would not be an issue.

Anonymous at 12:13 on 21 Aug 2012

Agree with the others - more of these sessions next time please!

There were supposed to be two sessions - one hour before lunch and an hour after. Unfortunately, there was a scheduling glitch (someone didn't anticipate there would be talks already locked into rooms when it was put in!) which meant we lost the morning session.

Regarding getting the lightning talks into CFM, it would have meant spinning up a new instance of it for the lightning talks. Not impossible, but at the short notice we had that the lightning talks were going on, it would have been a bit tough.

That said. I've created a ticket on the github ticket tracker [1] to see whether we can mark a session as a "Lightning Talks" session and do something useful with it.


With regards to the lightning talks themselves, loved the ScraperWiki talk... really informative, and I'll be looking into doing interesting (to me) stuff with that. Enjoyed @sil's talk on "don't write software for everything" even with the partial shoeing. Hope I gave a good response on behalf of CFM. Dauber's thing on recruitment issues was interesting, I hope he finds someone. That's not to say the other talks weren't good, just that those stood out to me.

Really enjoyed this and also agree that there should be more. Perhaps this could be a set feature for next time.

Anonymous at 22:43 on 24 Aug 2012

I loved the recruitment talk. So passionate and straight to the point. A definite highlight of the weekend. Same as the "I've got 4 half finished apps on my phone for counting weightwatchers points. And I'm still fat!" Loved that!