Organising local tech meetups


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Good idea for a talk, and the speaker did well to speak confidently for 30 mins. Sitting down using the tablet for notes worked very well; better than pacing nervously peering back at a lame powerpoint presentation.

The only problem was that no group participation was encouraged - I went along to discuss my experience with groups and hear from others about theirs, but the opportunity was not given for discussion.

Good point, sorry. We kinda ran out of time at the end, I would have liked more questions/discussion.

ps. Cool, I can't comment unless I rate. Bug! I guess I'll give myself 4/5 then :-)

This was the one talk that I really wanted to get to see, but I was waylaid by Dan to go and get some raffle tickets, so I missed it :(
Like Ben Nuttall's comments above, I too wanted to go along to find out about others experiences so that I can try and improve the LUG meetings that I organise locally. Hopefully it has been video'd and I can watch it back at my leisure.

Hello Becky! It was videod.
Happy to start a discussion with both of you on this topic,
james at jar of green dot co dot uk

Maybe it's worth getting some stuff into the UserGroup Leaders mailing list?

Failing that, can you include me in your conversation? :)